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The Pasty That Made Pasties Famous for over 50 Years!!

What is a pasty?(pas'tee) Tender beef,diced fresh potatoes and onions, wrapped in a delicate crust,then baked till golden brown.A little ketchup, salsa or butter with it, Delicious!(almost 3/4 of a lb.) We have many kinds of pasties for you to choose from. Ask about the pasty of the month.

Traditional Pasty- Ground Sirloin, Fresh potatoes and onions. $2.50 ea.

No onion Traditional- $2.50 ea. + shipping

Cornish Pasty- Ground Sirloin, Fresh potatoes,rutabagas and onions. $2.75 ea. + shipping

Breakfast Pasty- Honey cured ham,Farm Fresh eggs,Jack cheese,Hickory smoked bacon,Fresh potatoes and onions. $3.75 ea. + shipping

Chicken pot pie Pasty- Tender Roasted chicken, fresh potatoes, carrots, celery,onioins and peas, add your own favorite gravy and walla. $3.50 ea + shipping

Veggie Pasty- A medley of fresh veggies. $2.75 ea. + shipping
Bacon Cheeseburger - Ground sirloin, smoked bacon, Sharp chedder, fresh potatoes and onions.
$3.75 ea. 6/$22.50 12/45.00 + shipping

We ship pasties all over the U.S. If you have not tried a pasty,try one from Joes, where the original is still made. Give us a call(906)-932-4412.

Joes has used the same recipe for over 50 years. Joes Pasty Shop was started by The Barbera Family in 1946 right after the war. We are in the second generation of Barbera's making pasties and will continue to serve "the best" pasties on the Iron Range! UPDATE: The third generation of Barbera's has opened another "Joes Pasty Shop" in Wonderful Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

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You're really gonna love em!Give them All a try!!
Joes Pasty Shop
116 W. Aurora St., Ironwood, Michigan, 49938, US
Phone:  (906)-932-4412

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